Thursday, June 30, 2011

Class 6-29-11

Class last night was awesome!!!!!

just from reading the first two chapter in the CU book I have learned quite a bit. So at class yesterday I tryed some new things out with Lilo, i was relaxed, we played then worked on focus and did some 2o2o before the rest of the class arrived. Then I just sat down and started reading my book, treated Lilo for giving me a down w.out asking for it, then through out the class, i treated her for looking at the other dogs, for watching them. And omg! the whole class she was looking SUPER FAST at the other dogs and instently looking back at me for a treat, lol i didnt even have time to click! lol shes so funny. but it worked! we got to sit with the class, we got pretty close to a few dogs(not close enough for them to touch, but still. progress!). then Lilo rocked the class in our exercises. We did the AFrame too! =) She loves it lol.

at the end of class i put lilo in the fenced area so she could potty and run a bit while we all talked. She started sprinting around like a crazy ass, it was soooo funny, she had everyone laughing. then she would run up to the fence and do a SUPER FAST play bow and run off, as if to say to the other dogs "Come Play, You Can't Catch Me!!!" but of course no one was brave enough to put there dogs into play with her... and after about 15 mins of that she was over her spazz attach lol.

funny thing is Chapter three, which i read last night after class, is were all the exercises starts, lol, but chapter 1 and 2 was so helpful that i kinda already got the idea of what i should be doing! Progress is a beautiful thing. And Information is even better! =) I'm a happy girl and a proud mamma! i slept like a rock last night it was Awesome!

anyways sorry had to update... maybe add more pics tonight =)

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