Friday, June 17, 2011

A Realization And A Sigh Of Relief

Yesterday we had class...
Let just say it was a stressful evening.

So again last night at class Lilo got into it with another dog. She didn't break skin or draw blood, but she freaked out this dog pretty badly. It cried for a few mins after the incident. I felt horrible. After that Lilo became the butt of all the jokes for all my class mates. I know they were only trying to be funny, but it really hurt my feelings to point to were I wanted to leave. My trainer Lyn, did make me feel better by saying how great Lilo is doing with everything and how fast she is, and the best part, she said she thinks Lilo could take us to Finals when we start to trial =)... 
Lilo almost drowning herself trying to bring in a Log. Crazy Dog!

On my way home though, I couldn't stop thinking about everyone's' jokes and how much of an ass Lilo is. Once I got home the hubby asked how it went and I couldn't hold it back anymore, and cried my eyes out like a little baby. I explained to him what happen in class and how Lilo was the humor of the day(that pissed him off, so he said he'll come to class with me next week). I don't let people get the best of me very often, nor do I cry often at all. I'm the type of person that usually sweeps it under the rug when something is bothering me,(my mom and my hubby HATE this about me). 
There's a Reason it's called, Lilo's Crazy Life =)

After my explosion of emotion I posted on Facebook to get my frustration and disarrangement's out, which again I don't do often. I am glad I did though, it led me to talking to someone and she helped get me back on track. She explained to me, that Lilo is not just a bitch(cuz she does get along with other dogs just find at my house, at the lake, at friends houses) but that she is just Excited, and that it is common for the breed to get over stimulated and excited and then direct there excitement to aggression on other dogs. She told me about her kelpie, and how she has the same issues and how she has drew blood on other dogs before. I asked her if it was postible to trial with an aggressive dog, and she explained that she still does. She advised me to just keep lilo in her create untell its our turn to run, and also suggested a Calming Cap. She uses it on her dogs during trial to keep them calm and to prevent outbursts. 
My 'Special' Girl. lol.

Thanks to her I feel much better about this whole thing, and I googled it as well, and came across a lot of forums with people who have the same problem, and who still compete in sports with their dogs. I now know I have to work on keeping Lilo calm (that's my biggest challenge yet) and keep my head up. 
She's always so intense. I love it.

I doesn't bother me to sit alone, away from the group in class, it doesn't bother me that everyone in class always keeps a distance from me and Lilo, and in all honestly it doesn't bother me that Lilo isn't into socializing or playing with other dogs. I have dealt with all these things for almost 3 years now, and I don't expect Lilo to magically one day dis side that she wants to be playful with other dogs and be friendly. I except my dog for who she is, and I love her no matter what. I love her focus on me, her energy, her willingness to want to please me. I love her craziness and excitement for life and all we do together. I except the fact that we may never be able to sit with a group of people together at a trial, or event.... I just fucking Love this Damn Dog no matter what life throws our way. I will never doubt her like I did last night ever again, promise. =)


"The Real Joy Is In The Privilege And Ability To Step To The Start Line With Your Dog By You Side, Not In Crossing The Finish Line Victorious Over Others"

( the above quote now holds a completely new meaning to me then what it did just a few days ago, I love my dog, an am proud to be owned and loved by such an amazing girl)


  1. okay firstly, GORGEOUS quote, I 'liked' it on fb:)
    Lilo is fine!!!!!! That other dog was probably being annoying and she had to tell 'im off.
    everything is okay, today will just make you a stronger person. You did the right thing staying and watch, you'll go to champs and show them ALL!!!
    Lilo Rocks (so does Elle:))text me if you need ANYTHING

  2. Thank you Nicole. i do feel a lot better today. =) i would text you now, i just got off work but i think it might be too late lol. i'll text you tomorrow im off work =)