Monday, June 20, 2011

Yup-Great Day!

so today we went to a Demo at our Trainers house. It was a lot of fun, Lilo had a blast.

one of Lyns dogs, sooo freaking cute, kinda crazy like lilo. =)

So basically our first run was a Mess, Lilo was very excited, and it was her second demo, but her first time with a non fenced ring, with a crowd. So for our first run, she ran around like a nut case(it was pretty funny, and I found it pretty cute). but then after that she settled a bit and we did the run again(sadly my friend didn't get that one on film) and go figure she did it perfectly... blah. either way, im poud of her. =). our last few runs were great, super easy runs, but lilo was a bolt! i love her speed =)... she also got on the A-Frame for the first time today, her contact was a Fail lol. but w.e. lol i was surprise that Lyn let us even do the A-Frame today, pretty please. Lilo is fearless, it was nothing to her lol.

anyways blah blah blah, enough talking, lol im burnt out. Night....



  1. Lilo did so great!!!!!!!!!!!1 <3 awesome pictures, lol I thought that dog was Lilo for a sec ;)

  2. hahah thank you. lol i know she does look a lot like lilo in the face lol. thats one of my trianers dogs (can't think of the dogs name urrrg) but shes a crack up, kinda spazzy like lilo lol =)