Wednesday, January 19, 2011


YUP! Title says it all. We have somehow gotten ourselves all super excited about joining a team, by the awesomeness of a stranger I met on Craigslist, while looking for a stock dog trainer for Elle.
 Yes, that's right, Craigslist. lol. Well you see, I posted an Ad. a few months ago asking for help finding a stock dog trainer in our area, and this girl Darcey emailed me saying she was looking too, so she told me to email her if i found one, and she would do the same....

While checking my email last week I noticed one from her, the email stated that she had no luck finding a herding trainer, but that instead she join a Fly ball team, Strike Force, and she thought maybe I would be interested as well. She was spot on! Even my husband is excited about it. lol. that's rare.
So of course i shared with her about the stock dog trainer i had found in Red Bluff...

On Saturday, 1/22/10, we have an evaluation with the team! I KNOW lilo is going to just rock at this! lol.
I'm going to do my best to get photos, and or a video of it, promise!

On another note, nothing exciting is happening, the weathers been great, so we've been walking the River Trail, roller blading, skateboarding, and playing frisbee at the park. Not too much agility going on at the moment, I'm trying to wait tell my steal base weave poles are made(my step dad is making them for me). I don't have any new pictures to share, sorry, but i do have some old ones I've stumbled upon. =)

Shasta Splash
Dock Dogs
Summer Demo of 2009

Look at all those people.
There we are!
Front and Center =)

First Run.

She was So ready to Go.

It was so much fun! The reason I post these is because, one, Lilo Rocks. lol. and Two cuz the people who run the fly ball team also run the dock dog team! how cool is that.... maybe if we somehow have time this summer we can try this out too? I doubt it though. lol.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Soooo Bored...

okay so i give up on counting the day. =) lol. but I am not going to give up on the blog, You'd think i've been bussy, sence i havent been bloging.... but no, just realy realy bored!
I swear there is no end to this rain and blistering cold weather. But i have managed to keep the dogs and myself from going completelying in sain. lol.

We took a nice LONG walk on the river trails the other day, then Lilo and I went to the high school feild and played some frisbee. and of course that is always fun. =)
I love how intense she always is. So much focus... hard for me to imagine that much focus on one thing lol. But then again I have ADHD lol.... Frisbee with Lilo is just so relaxing for me tho. Dont know why, maybe cuz it was out first main intrest. Before agility, I wanted to do Disc Dogging. I suppose we still can, but again I have a hard time focusing and guggleing thing lol.

Elle has been showing some signs of being interested in the frisbee lately! It's very exciting for me. I think i may just try and push it to get her more into it. That girls got one hell of a spring in her jump, she'd make a great frisbee dog. =)

But other then all that, its been quite Lame, to say the least, around here. Nothing exciting, just rain, and cold, and rain, and more rain, and a LOT more Cold. lol. The rain is more of a pain then the cold, the girls dont mind the cold. We could actually go do something with just cold. But add rain,...... and well we get stuck with this all day...

BORING!!! But on another note, Flatus isn't doing any worst, but then again he's not doing to much better either. Its still a waiting game. I'll keep you updated...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7

Day 7: 365 Day Project
A Very Sad Day.
R.I.P. J-Rock.
R.I.P. J-Rock
Today, I didn't do much. But that was only 'cause we had a bit of an issue with a few of our Chameleons. J-Rock (shown above) has been acting weird, kind of sickly, the last few day. Today we noticed him getting worst, so we called around to see what Vet office treated exotic pets. After we found one we rushed to get our things in just as we were heading out the door and grabed the cage he was in we noticed J-Rock wasn't moveing any more...
My husband went to take him out of the cage and he was stiff as a board... It was too late...

Then we noticed our other Chameleon, Flatus, was starting to act the same way J-Rock acted when he first started getting sick. So we grabed him up and took him to the Vet's in J-Rocks place. The vet looked him over and agreed that he was not healthy, but she couldn't see any obvious signs of why. So she recommended a Vit B shot and some antibiotics for him.

It has been a few hours sence we've been back from the vet's and he is finally starting to move around and open his eyes. We have a lot of hope for him. =) Thank God! (Flatus, shown above)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6

Day 6: 365 Day Project
Ugh!...... Like the title says, I hate being sick! That's why I didn't write nothing yesterday, could hardly move! I mean, I went to bed at 9pm... for most people that's late, but for my house hold, 4am is late, lol, 9pm is soooo early for me. Today I really didn't want to get out of bed, but I some how managed. And after sitting around most of the day, I dragged myself to the dog park with the girls. It was fun, but there was this one dog, a Kelpi mix i think, that just would not leave my girls alone. As soon as we got there he was ALL over Elle. Jumping on her, pinning her to the ground, trying to hump her face... She peed on herself for god sake. FINALLY after my husband stared this dog down, the owner called his dog, and everything was good.... For a little while, lol.

First I would like to say, when Lilo is at the dog park, her focus is 110% on my and the Frisbee/ball, nothing elts. Other dogs could be jumping on her, biting at her, barking, etc. and she pays No mind.... to a point. lol

So while I was throwing the Frisbee for her, this dog dissides it wants to come fuck with Lilo, starts biting at her butt as she takes off for the frisbee, barking, jumping on her back side. Lilo, just ignoring like usually. Then this dog goes for her face as she brings the frisbee back, and oh boy it was on, she just about had enough! We let em go for a few second, I whistled (usually gets Lilo to stop), Nothing, then i literally had to get in between them, trying to pull them apart. Nothing ( Lilo stoped for a second, but this other dog just would not, so she proceeded). Then as a last ditch effort (AS NO ONE IN THE WHOLE PARK WAS HELPING!) I grabbed up Lilo in my arms, got bit by this other dog in the process, and finally the owner calls his dog, and it was over... I set Lilo down checked her over, all was good, she wasn't even fazed, lol. So we went right back to the frisbee. =) My tough little cookie. Oh and no worries about me, no broken skin, bruising, but nothing i cant handle. =)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4 -365project

okay, so my bad, I went to the park and played some Frisbee with the girls... but I stupidly forgot my camera... but I thought the girls morning game was pretty funny, so I thought I'd make that my picture of the day. =)

HA HA HA Silly Girls!
 Elle just plain and simple uses her weight to bring he down, but
Lilo is pretty nimble and clever and always manages to get out of Elle's grip. <3
Also, I had a few more things to share. I received this picture of Elle's brother Wyatt not to long ago, and ohhh boyyy is he HUGE! I blurred out the faces of the kids, as a privacy issues. =)

Isn't he Beautiful!
He's SO freaking BIG!
I don't know what it is about this picture, but I just Love it for some reason... It was taken today, a bit before we headed to the park.

I think I Love it, maybe cuz the was
Lilo looks in the background...
Just so peaceful.

365 Day Project/ I am such a BAD blogger

So I have disided, yes I know I'm a few days behind, to do the 365 Day project. I figured with the weather here always so rainy and cold, limiting my time out doors with the dogs, that this might actually help me keep up with my blog. I am also registered to the, I'll posts the link on the side somewhere. But I am going to make this my mission this year:
1. Keep up on my Blog.
2. Actually DO the 365 Day Project.
3. Take my Photography a bit more seriously, (sense my YouTube page, my photography has taken to the back burner.)
4. Keep up on my YouTube Channel, in spite of the crappy weather.

I am a HUGE procrastinator! and my mission this year is to change that, and stick with what I have started. So I'll start by updating you on the first 3 days...

Day 3: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie...

Day 2: Nap Time....

Day 1: The Snow Aussie...

Welp, that's about it for today. I haven't gotten a picture I'd like to use for today, but I will have one up tonight. =)