Saturday, April 30, 2011


Love Your Pet Expo
Today was the Pet Expo! It was probably the funnest experience ever. I talked to hundreds of people, about dogs(theirs and mine), agility, training, classes, issues and solutions. I got to work with others dogs, help them on equipment, show the owner how to teach and introduce equipment properly. Got my trainer new clients, and potential clients. But my fave part of it all was I got to show off my Lilo face. We did tons of Demo Runs, tricks, and obedience. Everyone was so impressed, I was loving all the positive feed back and compliments and Lilo was just soaking up all the attention. The amazing part was how Lilo didn't react as bad as she usually does, she nipped at a fellow River Dog's dog, oops. Lunged at a few others while in her kennel, and curled her lip a hand full of times while on the leash.... But considering how long we were there and how many people, dogs and excitment that was going on she did awesome and she was easy to get her attention back and hold it. We walked around a bunch, talking to people introducing Lilo to new dogs, people and strange things that were around.

All in all, it was the best day ever!!! And I think we realy impressed our trainer with all we did, demos, talking and helping people wise. She even baught me lunch =). She kept trying to tell me to go home when it was over, that I had already done so much more then I needed to, but I insisted on staying and helping clean up and load up the equipment. Which I'm sure she was glad that I stayed to help with all that, it was so much faster putting it away. 

Now I'm sure your wondering where the title comes in......


 Well, with all that went on today, I realized that THIS is really was I want to do.... I mean I've always known that I've wanted to work with dogs and train, but for a long while I have been feeling like I couldn't really do it. Like I  can't talk to or explain, or teach others how to teach their dogs. But today was a testament that I can do it, if I really want to. Talking to people, helping them, it all seemed to come pretty naturally today.  Usually, I am a lost for words.... but not today. =) I'm so over excited about this whole thing, I could go on forever.... 

But.... I'm so tired, my feet hurt and im a bit sunburnt.... So I'll end it here before I ramble some more.... 
Sorry no pictures or videos, I didn't even have time to sit down at all today lol. No Biggy! =)

Tell Next Time....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Elle and a Little Bit of Chicken....

Elle is a true beauty.

Unfortunately, She's not a natural, nor does she really care about Agility... lol. No biggy really, because she's just as happy running around looking good and loving on everyone as Lilo is on the equipment. I thought I would give it a shot though. It was a big fail, haha! but none the less we had a lot of fun.

And I got a ton of Cute, Cute, Cute pictures of my Smellie Elle. =) Pictures always make me happy. And I'm so in love with my camera.... And Elle makes for a great model. lol

I haven't totally figured out my camera yet, but I'm getting there, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm really loving the way my pictures are coming out.

I had Elle do a few jumps for me, just for a picture, lol. I don't have any pics of her doing agility(I have a Few of Lilo) so I thought this was a good time to get some while it was just me and Elle...
(I made this the picture of the day, just cuz I love her face, it basically sums Elle up. As in that's her lil smile that I love so much)
While Elle and I were out having some fun and spending some time together, Lilo was at home, not feeling so hot, being looked after by Dustin.....
Lilo thought it would be fun to counter surf.... and well, she ate about 4-5 chicken thighs....Cooked.....Bone And All.....Smothered in BBQ Sauce...... Oooooooh yeah. So you could imagine she wasn't feeling all that great.

I have been kind of tripping over it though, I mean every dog owner, Should know, that cooked bones are a no no for dogs. So I have spent the last two days watching her closely, the first day she had the runs, Like bad, I don't want to get all graphic on ya, so I'll just say bad....

Then this morning when I took her out, her poops are solid again, small poos, but solid.... I even took a stick to one to see what was coming out (gross to some I know, but the things you must do to make sure your dogs are ok lol). One was straight, bones, but it was more like sand... if that makes sense, so I'm ganna guess that's a good thing, means shes digesting them.

Her gums are a bit pale, so for breakfast, i fed less and added a lot of water, so she would have to drink while eating... Then I contacted an old friend of mine from Hawaii, who was also a Marine Wife, and a Vet Tech, and asked her if I should be worried, And what danger signs should I be looking out for. She agreed that the pale gums could mean dehydration, like I was thinking, and said as long as shes not showing any pain, pooping, eating, and drinking or acting weird then I should be fine. If she starts puking or stops pooping or eating, means there could be a blockage, and that means Vet's ASAP...
(My Grandmothers Goats =P)
So far Lilo's looking good, her belly has gone down from a balloon to normal and she's playing again today =). THANK GOD!!! lol Now fingers crossed she'll be fine by Saturday for the Love Your Pet Expo =) I'm soooo excited, I cant wait!!! But for now Lilo will be on bed rest.... untell I feel she has passed everything with no problems....

Well I think thats it for now. =)..... 
Tell Next Time......

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Part Two Of Yesterday

So Yesterday Turned Out To Be A Pretty Nice Day

So I took the pups out to my moms house to run and play in the lake.
Lilo had a Blast... Can you tell?
My mom joined us with her pups too.
This Lil guy is Brody. He wishes so much that he was a big dog lol.
Elle also had a great time. =)
Hahahahaha, Elle likes to nip at Lilo when she run, Lilo's never to happy about it,
if you couldn't tell...
I love this picture, They were playing copy cat.
This is by far the BEST picture EVER of Baily.
She's camera shy, so its hard to get her face. She avoids the
camera by sniffing the ground non-stop. So this pic, im in love with
i love the different dementions of the picture. =)
Brody runs his heart out to keep up with my girls.
Ells is such a natural doggy model, shes so stunning!
and this one is prob the Best pic of the Day! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
My All time fav of both my girls together.
My hubby thinks they look like wolfs here lol.

I took like 800+ pictures yesterday on our outing, these are just a few of my favs. If you'd like to see the rest, I made a photobucket to hold all my pics (the memory on my comp is running low lol).
So feel free to check em out, there are a LOT of great pictures that i am in love with.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

So the Hubby and I went to my moms for Easter Dinner today, and had a blast. My sister is a crack up! Sadly the dogs didn't get to come, which was weird because there ALWAYS with us when we go to my moms. But there was just to many people there to bring them, and it was kinda of nice to be able to just sit and not worry about my dogs jumping on people, barking, and takeing off down to the water and coming back all soaking wet lol. And the fact that they usually end up giving me poison oak when we go there lol.

Any ways, today was really fun, so here are some pictures.....

My Family

My Mother.

My Older Sister.

My Younger Sister.

My Younger Brother.

My Older Step Sister, and My Step Dad.

My Step Dad and Sister.
She had a few to many. lol.

My Hubby <3


Bow Bow.


And Of Course Me. =))

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh My, Oh My...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...
I am THEE WORST Blogger!

Any ways, Updates is what you all want I'm sure....
Well, I have been working my butt off, so time is a wonderful thing if I can find it. At the moment it's easy enough to find, but it hasn't been. The cool thing about working at a high school is that I get the same breaks the kids get lol. So as of now I'm on Spring Break! =) yay, a whole week off!!!! It has been SO NEEDED too. 

So for the past few weeks we haven't done a whole lot, but we did go hiking when the sun started shining. It was a blast and the dogs got all that pent up energy out. It was Great! 
idk why this is sideways but you get the point.
Let's see what elts is new......?
OH YEAH!!! Well we now have a new Agility Field to practice in at my grandparents house, so kool. Lilo and I went out yesterday and worked on some new and old stuff. Her weaves are coming along awesomely, shes listening to my directions more, focusing better on me, and she learned the "out jump" command.
Although we still have a lot to work on she is always improving. I couldn't be happier with her. =) Love my Lilo Face =P
We also are starting Actual Agility Classes, "Agility Fundamentals", on May 5th. I can't even wait!!! We have also been going to practice every Sunday or Saturday with the trainer for some helpful tips and mostly for my handling help. Lilo's loving it, and I'm already learning a lot, even just by watching and listening to what she has to say to the other handlers. Today we had an amazing day with them, Lilos is soooooo freaking fast! lol.
We're also also helping our trainer, Lynn, at the 'Love Your Pet Expo' this Saturday, April 30th from 10-2 at the Anderson Fair Grounds. We'll be helping with her booth and she wants Lilo and I to do a few Demos on some jumps and tunnels. (I'll try and get video for youtube) It's all very exciting right now. I'm glad I didn't write anything for the past few weeks, cuz it would have just been me complaining about being stressed out and needing a break =P .

Now that my break has finally come, I'm so re-leaved. I get to actually sleep in, it feels good, althought my internal clock and the dogs still wake me up at 630. I do manage to fall back asleep for an hour or two. It's nice....
sorry i just couldnt get it to focus on him.
My Husband also got a new Chameleon for his bday. =) His name is Toki. He's so cute and tiny, but he's growing Fast, so more pics of him soon... 

Hummmm..... I feel like im missing something?... If I am I'll try to update this week. Chow!!! =)