Friday, October 29, 2010


Only two more weeks and we will be moving back home to Nor Cal. I am so ready to be back home with my friends and family...but... yes there is a but, I am going to miss this place. The weather for one, the year round warmth, the warm rainy days. The beach for sure is going to be a big miss. My tan! oh how I will miss my tan :( lol. But most of all I am going to miss the few Realy Super Awesomely Amazing friends I have made here.

I will miss my morning smoke with Ashley, our daily chats, her stuborn, but so sweet n cute kid Lexi (3) and mostly our dogys playing together, I am going to miss her dogys, both American Bulldogs. Kammi, Lilo's very first friend out here, and the reason Ashley and I became friends. I have watched her grow from a skittish little puppy into a beautiful loveing dog. And Hank, lol. oh Hank, lol. he is the cutest, most loveing, bouncey not so little any more guy, he had developed quite an eye for my Elle, lol.

I am most deff going to miss my friend Sherri! Our lazy days at the beach, watching her kids, Gracey and Jake and all eight of the foster kids play on the beach, while our Hubbys went spear fishing. She has such a big heart! Always there to lend a helping hand, ear, or words of advice. I will miss our weekend adventures, seeing new beaches, hiking, dinners, girl days, and just her company :) .

Dispite missing so many things and people, I think Dustin and I both are ready for home. Ready to see our old "homies" our family. I am going to be glad to see some snow, but am dreading the pouring down stuck in the house rainy days (the dogs will deff not be likeing that). Elle I am sure is going to LOVE the cold weather, and it will be amuseing to see how much more energy she will have, from not over heating in her coat without the heat. Lilo on the other hand could realy care less about the cold. I myself am not a fan of the cold.

There is a lot to look forward to being home though. Dustin will be starting school soon, I will be takeing a few photography classes, and working. Elle will be starting her stock dog training. I can't wait for that! She has such an amazing drive, thats all she does, if it moves, shes one it. She is so fast, can turn on a dime, and has amazing focus. I am hoping I can take this as far as posible with her. I would realy love to do trials and compeate :).

Lilo and I have taken up running again, and will be doing a 6 mile run, in the Thanksgiveing Turkey Trot when we get home :). I am also considering her for herding aswell, but I'm not so sure how she would do? But it would be a great way to stay bussy, as we will be without all our stuff, (agility equipment, furniture, bed, tv, etc.) for the first month we are home, as it all has to be shipped. ugh. I would at least like to have her instinct tested :) and we will go from there I guess.

The only problem I seem to be haveing right now is just finding a house that will alow two dogs, in our price range. But I have stressed enough about that and am no longer pullin my hair out over it. lol. When the time is right we will find a place.
 I realy miss my little sister too, I can't wait to see her, we're not getting home tell super late at night, but she begged to stay over with us when we get in so of course I told her yes! lol. She's four years younger then me, but sence we were babies we have been connected at the hip. First night home will be awesome :).

Well I suppose that's it for now, Tomarow we are going hikeing all day with Sherri and the Fam, I will have pictures, and maybe be makeing a video. So they will be up soon and a video on our youtube channel. :)

Night All. ;)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Lilo

Okay so I know this is a few days late but, October 11, was Lilo's 2nd Birthday!!! We had such a fun day!
First we took a trip to PetCo. to get some dog food, and crickets for the hubbys chamaleons. Me and the girls played with all the toys and tryed on some Halloween costumes. =) then we got Lilo a new soccer ball for her gift and I made a Bow Wow Beef and Bacon Cake. We played for a few hours with her new toy, then had her dogy friends from next door come over and have some cake with her and Elle. Man I've never seen them all eat so fast lol.

Lilo posing with her new toy. <3

Lilo and Elle lookin oh so cute.

Elle eating Cake!
 Well I'll have to add more pictures later, my computer is being realy frustrateing... or the internet.

But on a different note, Lilo's agility is comeing along so well. I realy couldn't be happier. =) Check out our YouTube page, link is on the side bar, She is just amazing me with all her progress. And she is realy enjoying it so much.
Elle is also showing signs of intrest in it, although she is to young to realy get into it, but she has fun jumping the small jump bars, and she is loveing the tunnel, She has even got the "Go Tunnel" command down. =)

But I also have something different in mind for Elle. I have contacted a StockDog trainer back in Cali. She has invited us to come out when we get home, and join in a class. Then from there she will let us disside exacally what we would like to do with her. I am super excited about all of this =)... only 28 days tell we'll be back home in Cali =))...

Oh and another thing, today I built my own Weave Poles, Its 6 poles, but I am going to add on another 6 soon I hope, Lilo is likeing them alot. I also spray painted them and my jumps tonight, its like a purplie-blue color. I realy love it. And I wraped some yellow ducktape around them. Will have pictures soon. They look amazeing. =)

well I think thats about it for now, sorry I am or horrible Blogger, but our internet has been horribly slow lately. Also its not so motivateing when you have no followers... So I'll ask, please follow and I will update more often.