Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Home At Last...

So, at last we are home. It feels good to be back in Cali. Yet I realy miss Hawai'i...
I had almost forgoten how cold winters are supposto be, lol. I was quickly reminded as soon as I got off the plain, lol. Our first few days were very fun, spent catching up with friends and family. Everyone of course was happy to see Lilo, and meet Elle.

Now a week after we've arrived, and who would have guessed.... I'm sick!.... Oh boy!... I haven't had a cold, or been this missrabley sick in years. The dogs are deff not happy about this either. I have liturly been stuck on my couch for two days now. Luckly my dogs are very understanding, and have been very patient with me. But, I have a feeling for not much longer. lol.

Tomarrow is Thanksgiving, meaning the dogs noses will be going hay-wire lol. And knowing my mother, there bellys will too. Lucky my mom knows what they can and can not have. lol. I'm just praying I'll feel good enough to help with anything at all, and get the dogs out to run before people start coming over.
Lucky, my mom lives in a very rural area, and there is plenty of room for the girls to just run free. =)

Well it's late, and I am beat, so I'll try and have some pictures up tomarrow. =)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hiking Staight Up

Super fun day for sure! We hiked staight up a Mt. for our last "Great Adventure In Hawaii" Oh the dogs were soooo tired after we had finished. lol...=) go to our YouTube page to see more pictures... the audio was removed, and yes i know i spelt some things wrong. lol. but no time now to fix it. but the pictures are amazing, although youtube kind of distorys the quality of them, but there still pritty great =)
So tonight is our last night in our house. and on Tuesday we should be back in Cali. =) Due to the fact that the movers took my video camera cords, i wont be able to make videos any time soon and becuase they took all my agility equipment as well=(... So I figured thats okay, I will just use that time to keep my Blog updated. =) Please follow. =) Much more to come!!!