Thursday, September 30, 2010


So, yes, I am a horrible Blogger. Just so many things always going on. Hard to keep track of Everything.
But we have been haveing some real fun lately. Lilo is coming along great in our agility training, i made a jump from PVC pipes, baught a new tunnel(Elle distroyed the old one) and this week we have been learning the weave poles with Lilo. So, yes, consider it a bussy few weeks. lol. Also, I know no one care, but I only have two days left of work and them I'm off for a whole month before we move back to Cali, yay. Just means LOTS more time for training Lilo on agility, and Elle on everything elts. lol.
And means I will have time to get my butt back into shape, going to start running again, going to the gym, and eating good food(aka NOT papa john's pizza, that where I work at the moment lol). So all exciteing news, I would think anyways.

well here are some pics...=)
She is such an amazing dog....<3

Lilo haveing a GREAT time.

Elle also gave it a go.

I have a feeling, She'll be my next star. =)
 and just some lazy dogs.... lol.....

Lilo's idea of comfertable.

Elle's idea of comfertable. lol.
Also, please check out our youtube page for some new videos recently posted. I will soon (in a week or so) have another video up of Lilo's weave work and full course work.
I must say I am soooo impressed by her weave, its only been a week sence we started working with the weave poles and she is already doing six poles in a straight line.
We learned useing the 2x2 method, which I HIGHLY recommend!

I will try my best to keep this updated as much as postible, It would be a little more motivating if I had more followers, but I guess thats just the way the cookie crumbles. But, I will still ask, Please follow, and if your on YouTube, please subscribe(most active on youtube).
Have a GREAT night all.

Elle is now 7 months old as of Sep, 24.
and Lilo will be 2 years old on Oct, 11. =)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long week already, & its only Wensday!

Well, we have been doing a whole lot of nothing realy, just same ol' boring everyday stuff. Just cleaning house, working, and keeping the dogs tired out.
Today was a good day tho, got up at 7am, hubby made breakfast =), tired the dogs out a bit, and then off to work. Work was slow however and so they sent me home early, which was great cause I came home and played with my girls, hung out with the neighbor, made dinner, AND found some awesome plans to make my own agility equipment. =)
So now just have to get threw the rest of the week of work tell my only day off on Sunday, and go get all the stuff I'll need.

Oh and I think I may have found my girls new Herding Trainer, just waiting for a call back. ugh I so hate waiting. lol.

well enough of me rambleing I am super tired, Elle's on her bed chewing on a bone, and Lilo, of course is fast asleep cuddled up between my legs. So bed time..... Tell next time. =)