Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long week already, & its only Wensday!

Well, we have been doing a whole lot of nothing realy, just same ol' boring everyday stuff. Just cleaning house, working, and keeping the dogs tired out.
Today was a good day tho, got up at 7am, hubby made breakfast =), tired the dogs out a bit, and then off to work. Work was slow however and so they sent me home early, which was great cause I came home and played with my girls, hung out with the neighbor, made dinner, AND found some awesome plans to make my own agility equipment. =)
So now just have to get threw the rest of the week of work tell my only day off on Sunday, and go get all the stuff I'll need.

Oh and I think I may have found my girls new Herding Trainer, just waiting for a call back. ugh I so hate waiting. lol.

well enough of me rambleing I am super tired, Elle's on her bed chewing on a bone, and Lilo, of course is fast asleep cuddled up between my legs. So bed time..... Tell next time. =)

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