Monday, August 30, 2010


This weekend was a blast! Spent the whole saturday at the beach with good friends and Elle. Lilo had to miss out, she is just to crazy and everywhere for a crowded beach. I am working with her on that however. =)

Well, we body surfed, and caught A LOT of sun, too much sun. lol. My poor husband looks like a lobster from the back lol, and me well I'm not that bad but bad enough were I dred the hot shower. lol

Elle of course had fun digging in the sand, saying "Hi" to everyone and anyone that walked by. I lost count of how many people came by asking what kind of dog she is and where I got her. lol. She always attracks a lot of attention. =)
The day started off HOT, Elle finding some shade under the body board.

Cute smile from my pup.

Watching the kids play.

Someone found a Cocanut.

Haveing a blast.

Say Hello to Officer Elle!

I know exacally what she's thinking, "Mom! Can you believe that guys shorts?!"

"Man, I'm so kool..."

She totally knows how to work it.

OK I just LOVE this pic! lol

Long day, just hideing from the sun now.

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