Monday, August 23, 2010


Well, this week has been pritty bussy, between work, cleaning house, and being an awesome wife =) and makeing sure my Girls' are nice and tired out, we haven't had much time for training, But, I did manage to find some extra time today. Working with my dogs Always puts me in a good mood.

Sooo, Lilo and I have been working on her Standing up and holding it, and turning around on que, and a few more things. So tomarrow I will be hopeing to have a video made and HOPING I can get it up on our YouTube page. We will see. lol.
Elle and I have been working on Fetch! Can you believe it? I have never had such a hard time getting a dog motivated to fetch. She would much rather just herd Lilo around lol. But I did figure out how to get her interested and will being adding that to the video aswell. She is also working on her weave threw my legs and her stay. Which she is amazing at so far! =)

Well, for now that is it, it's getting late and Girls want to go for there walk now. =)

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