Saturday, April 30, 2011


Love Your Pet Expo
Today was the Pet Expo! It was probably the funnest experience ever. I talked to hundreds of people, about dogs(theirs and mine), agility, training, classes, issues and solutions. I got to work with others dogs, help them on equipment, show the owner how to teach and introduce equipment properly. Got my trainer new clients, and potential clients. But my fave part of it all was I got to show off my Lilo face. We did tons of Demo Runs, tricks, and obedience. Everyone was so impressed, I was loving all the positive feed back and compliments and Lilo was just soaking up all the attention. The amazing part was how Lilo didn't react as bad as she usually does, she nipped at a fellow River Dog's dog, oops. Lunged at a few others while in her kennel, and curled her lip a hand full of times while on the leash.... But considering how long we were there and how many people, dogs and excitment that was going on she did awesome and she was easy to get her attention back and hold it. We walked around a bunch, talking to people introducing Lilo to new dogs, people and strange things that were around.

All in all, it was the best day ever!!! And I think we realy impressed our trainer with all we did, demos, talking and helping people wise. She even baught me lunch =). She kept trying to tell me to go home when it was over, that I had already done so much more then I needed to, but I insisted on staying and helping clean up and load up the equipment. Which I'm sure she was glad that I stayed to help with all that, it was so much faster putting it away. 

Now I'm sure your wondering where the title comes in......


 Well, with all that went on today, I realized that THIS is really was I want to do.... I mean I've always known that I've wanted to work with dogs and train, but for a long while I have been feeling like I couldn't really do it. Like I  can't talk to or explain, or teach others how to teach their dogs. But today was a testament that I can do it, if I really want to. Talking to people, helping them, it all seemed to come pretty naturally today.  Usually, I am a lost for words.... but not today. =) I'm so over excited about this whole thing, I could go on forever.... 

But.... I'm so tired, my feet hurt and im a bit sunburnt.... So I'll end it here before I ramble some more.... 
Sorry no pictures or videos, I didn't even have time to sit down at all today lol. No Biggy! =)

Tell Next Time....


  1. YES YES YES :)
    This post makes me extremely happy!!!!!
    Lilo did fantastic!
    GOOD JOB!!!!
    and you would make a fantastic dog trainer!
    ahhhh good job! I wish I could have gone! that would have been awesome!

  2. awe thank you, i really wish i had gotten some pics or video, something. to help remember the day... but all well lol.

    and lilo had a blast, she was soooo freaking tired when we got home, and sooo gassy hahahahha from all the treats i and everyone elts was giving her lol =P

    and i know i kept thinking how much you would have loved it (i really was! lol) it was an amazing day, i swear if i could do that everyday, i so would =))