Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh My, Oh My...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...
I am THEE WORST Blogger!

Any ways, Updates is what you all want I'm sure....
Well, I have been working my butt off, so time is a wonderful thing if I can find it. At the moment it's easy enough to find, but it hasn't been. The cool thing about working at a high school is that I get the same breaks the kids get lol. So as of now I'm on Spring Break! =) yay, a whole week off!!!! It has been SO NEEDED too. 

So for the past few weeks we haven't done a whole lot, but we did go hiking when the sun started shining. It was a blast and the dogs got all that pent up energy out. It was Great! 
idk why this is sideways but you get the point.
Let's see what elts is new......?
OH YEAH!!! Well we now have a new Agility Field to practice in at my grandparents house, so kool. Lilo and I went out yesterday and worked on some new and old stuff. Her weaves are coming along awesomely, shes listening to my directions more, focusing better on me, and she learned the "out jump" command.
Although we still have a lot to work on she is always improving. I couldn't be happier with her. =) Love my Lilo Face =P
We also are starting Actual Agility Classes, "Agility Fundamentals", on May 5th. I can't even wait!!! We have also been going to practice every Sunday or Saturday with the trainer for some helpful tips and mostly for my handling help. Lilo's loving it, and I'm already learning a lot, even just by watching and listening to what she has to say to the other handlers. Today we had an amazing day with them, Lilos is soooooo freaking fast! lol.
We're also also helping our trainer, Lynn, at the 'Love Your Pet Expo' this Saturday, April 30th from 10-2 at the Anderson Fair Grounds. We'll be helping with her booth and she wants Lilo and I to do a few Demos on some jumps and tunnels. (I'll try and get video for youtube) It's all very exciting right now. I'm glad I didn't write anything for the past few weeks, cuz it would have just been me complaining about being stressed out and needing a break =P .

Now that my break has finally come, I'm so re-leaved. I get to actually sleep in, it feels good, althought my internal clock and the dogs still wake me up at 630. I do manage to fall back asleep for an hour or two. It's nice....
sorry i just couldnt get it to focus on him.
My Husband also got a new Chameleon for his bday. =) His name is Toki. He's so cute and tiny, but he's growing Fast, so more pics of him soon... 

Hummmm..... I feel like im missing something?... If I am I'll try to update this week. Chow!!! =)


  1. aww your Chameleon is so pretty!
    and YAY FIELD!
    YAY POST! I'm just excited, can you tell? lol
    Happy Easter!

  2. hahahha yeah im pretty excited too.
    the field is awesome, im hoping to go back out tomorrow, and get some pics with my new cam, and test out the HD video mode =).

    Happy Easter to you too!