Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6

Day 6: 365 Day Project
Ugh!...... Like the title says, I hate being sick! That's why I didn't write nothing yesterday, could hardly move! I mean, I went to bed at 9pm... for most people that's late, but for my house hold, 4am is late, lol, 9pm is soooo early for me. Today I really didn't want to get out of bed, but I some how managed. And after sitting around most of the day, I dragged myself to the dog park with the girls. It was fun, but there was this one dog, a Kelpi mix i think, that just would not leave my girls alone. As soon as we got there he was ALL over Elle. Jumping on her, pinning her to the ground, trying to hump her face... She peed on herself for god sake. FINALLY after my husband stared this dog down, the owner called his dog, and everything was good.... For a little while, lol.

First I would like to say, when Lilo is at the dog park, her focus is 110% on my and the Frisbee/ball, nothing elts. Other dogs could be jumping on her, biting at her, barking, etc. and she pays No mind.... to a point. lol

So while I was throwing the Frisbee for her, this dog dissides it wants to come fuck with Lilo, starts biting at her butt as she takes off for the frisbee, barking, jumping on her back side. Lilo, just ignoring like usually. Then this dog goes for her face as she brings the frisbee back, and oh boy it was on, she just about had enough! We let em go for a few second, I whistled (usually gets Lilo to stop), Nothing, then i literally had to get in between them, trying to pull them apart. Nothing ( Lilo stoped for a second, but this other dog just would not, so she proceeded). Then as a last ditch effort (AS NO ONE IN THE WHOLE PARK WAS HELPING!) I grabbed up Lilo in my arms, got bit by this other dog in the process, and finally the owner calls his dog, and it was over... I set Lilo down checked her over, all was good, she wasn't even fazed, lol. So we went right back to the frisbee. =) My tough little cookie. Oh and no worries about me, no broken skin, bruising, but nothing i cant handle. =)

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