Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Soooo Bored...

okay so i give up on counting the day. =) lol. but I am not going to give up on the blog, You'd think i've been bussy, sence i havent been bloging.... but no, just realy realy bored!
I swear there is no end to this rain and blistering cold weather. But i have managed to keep the dogs and myself from going completelying in sain. lol.

We took a nice LONG walk on the river trails the other day, then Lilo and I went to the high school feild and played some frisbee. and of course that is always fun. =)
I love how intense she always is. So much focus... hard for me to imagine that much focus on one thing lol. But then again I have ADHD lol.... Frisbee with Lilo is just so relaxing for me tho. Dont know why, maybe cuz it was out first main intrest. Before agility, I wanted to do Disc Dogging. I suppose we still can, but again I have a hard time focusing and guggleing thing lol.

Elle has been showing some signs of being interested in the frisbee lately! It's very exciting for me. I think i may just try and push it to get her more into it. That girls got one hell of a spring in her jump, she'd make a great frisbee dog. =)

But other then all that, its been quite Lame, to say the least, around here. Nothing exciting, just rain, and cold, and rain, and more rain, and a LOT more Cold. lol. The rain is more of a pain then the cold, the girls dont mind the cold. We could actually go do something with just cold. But add rain,...... and well we get stuck with this all day...

BORING!!! But on another note, Flatus isn't doing any worst, but then again he's not doing to much better either. Its still a waiting game. I'll keep you updated...

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