Wednesday, January 19, 2011


YUP! Title says it all. We have somehow gotten ourselves all super excited about joining a team, by the awesomeness of a stranger I met on Craigslist, while looking for a stock dog trainer for Elle.
 Yes, that's right, Craigslist. lol. Well you see, I posted an Ad. a few months ago asking for help finding a stock dog trainer in our area, and this girl Darcey emailed me saying she was looking too, so she told me to email her if i found one, and she would do the same....

While checking my email last week I noticed one from her, the email stated that she had no luck finding a herding trainer, but that instead she join a Fly ball team, Strike Force, and she thought maybe I would be interested as well. She was spot on! Even my husband is excited about it. lol. that's rare.
So of course i shared with her about the stock dog trainer i had found in Red Bluff...

On Saturday, 1/22/10, we have an evaluation with the team! I KNOW lilo is going to just rock at this! lol.
I'm going to do my best to get photos, and or a video of it, promise!

On another note, nothing exciting is happening, the weathers been great, so we've been walking the River Trail, roller blading, skateboarding, and playing frisbee at the park. Not too much agility going on at the moment, I'm trying to wait tell my steal base weave poles are made(my step dad is making them for me). I don't have any new pictures to share, sorry, but i do have some old ones I've stumbled upon. =)

Shasta Splash
Dock Dogs
Summer Demo of 2009

Look at all those people.
There we are!
Front and Center =)

First Run.

She was So ready to Go.

It was so much fun! The reason I post these is because, one, Lilo Rocks. lol. and Two cuz the people who run the fly ball team also run the dock dog team! how cool is that.... maybe if we somehow have time this summer we can try this out too? I doubt it though. lol.

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  1. looks like fun!
    YAY Flyball!
    you're so lucky- steal based weaves?!
    craigslist! ahaha :))