Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh My...

Where to start....

Flyball is going good, sorta. We had an amazing avaluation, everyone what so impressed with Lilo. We were posto be on a waiting list for two months tell they cleared some of the other newbs, but she said she didn't want us to wait that long. lol. She was scared we would change our minds about joining. lol, Yeah, Lilo's that good! lol who would have thought. BUUUTTTTT..... aside from our great evaluation, and our awesome very first practice as apart of the team, thats about as far as we have gotten with it. All due to our trainer fracturing her foot, and the weather playing games with us. The saturday will be week Three that has been canceled. It is VERY discuraging, like REALY...

But on a better note, we have been going to actual agility practices with our trainer. She is also very impressed with Lilo, and how much we have done all on our own. Makes me feel so pround, not only for Lilo but for myself aswell. =) I feel accomplished! Now we are just waiting for her to get her Agility Fundimental Class scheduled. I realy can not wait to get Lilo on some contacts! It's all so excited, i love learning. =)

Elle has been.... well just Elle i guess. She's in her first heat (shoot me now please). So she in confinded to the house aside from her walks an playing with us in the drive way. She seems very sad about being left out of our trips to the dog park or park in genrial. But she has a new BFF now. =) Let me introduce!::::::::::::

Steve French!
The Kitty Cat.
Don't ask about the name lol, its an inside joke. But isn't he adorable?! We found him in our friends back yard, filthy dirty, cover in mud and poo. And it appeard he had a kitty cold. So we braught him home, and it's was as if he's been here all along. The TV scared him a bit, so it seems he's been and outside kitty. But I realy honestly think, that he believes hes a dog! Him and Elle have become quite the team, battleing all day, taking naps together, cleaning eachother etc. lol, It's very cute to watch. =)

well thats about it for now, im tired, my eyes hurt... So i'll leave you with some majoir cutness....

Steve attacking Elle.

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