Monday, February 28, 2011

Eight (8)

Todays number is braught to you by, Lilo the crazy Border Collie.

Haha. Yes the number eight (8) is apparently the number of choice today for Lilo. This weekend what her first time one a set of 12 weaves, at agility practice with our trainer. Those had the medal gates around them, so she did them like a champ. Well sence I've made my steel weaves, we've only had a chance to work on just 6. The sun really needs to start comeing out!

We'll today I pulled out the whole set of 12 in the drive way, yes i know Not suppost to on hard ground like that, but really im...we're going crazy, and we only ran a few times. lol. anyways, she was doing great, but then she thought it was fun to pop out at the eight pole everything. no mater which direction we were gong.
But she ended on a good note, so im happy. =)

We're also working on her Star line stay, cuz well, it REALY sucks! lol. She's just so impatien. lol. I guess i am too, but she did realy well our last few runs so im a happy girl today =)

Sorry no pics today.

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