Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Death Certificate

My Death Certificate will read:
Cause of Death; Complete and Utter Boredom!

Again sorry no pictures today. I am just so bored out of my mind, writing will prob save me from going insaine. For a min anyways.

It has been raining All day! I mean RAINING! HARD! and A LOT of it! Luckily the dogs are taking it well, they have been sleeping all day. I wish I could do that.

On a brighter note, I don't know if i said this already, my Course Sourcebooks from Clean Run should be here tomorrow! waited all day for the mail, and they weren't here, so looked up the tracking number and they'll be here tomorrow, YAY!
AND-AND-AND..... In about three weeks my 20' Tunnel will be here too from NTIGlobal!!! All very exciting! I'm also going to be making some more jumps soon too! ahhh, I love birthdays! Especially when you get your gifts early =).

I'm hoping to start Elle on some agility training this summer. Its frustrating for me tho. She is so completely different then Lilo. I have to go in a totally different direction when training her, and she doesn't pick things up as fast and easily as Lilo. But I love a good challenge now and then, so we'll see how it goes. I am so grateful for Lilo, she has always been such an easy dog, for the most part anyways. I love her willingness for me, her loyalty mostly too. She is definitely my shining star =). Not to say Elle is any less then Lilo. lol.

Well i guess i don't have anything elts to say, I'll just get back to my boredom..... lol


  1. NTI Global is the BEST!!!
    ahaha, you won't be the only one with that on your death certificate (me too LOL)

    Lilo is the best <3 Elle is adorable! (she sounds like George, I've been thinking, maybe George is part Aussie haha)

    if you're super bored, I'll give you my number and you can text me :)))

    Happy Early Birthday (again!)

  2. hahahaha ya deff you can email it to me if you want, on FB would prob be the fastest way for me to get it lol.

    and you never know he could have some Aussie in him =) we can compare him and Elle when i move up there lol =P, he's ganna love elle shes a totally lover. and Lilo... she'll warm up, she always does lol.

  3. oh and Thank you for the birthday wishes! =))) lol

  4. lol I'll message it to you somehow! I usually answer right away, when I'm in school, it's typically faster (this is hypothetical depending on the class lol)

    Elle is so sweet!! I can't wait to meet you guys!!! It's going to be awesome! Yeah, George is a typical boy, he'll have a secret crush and first he'll be kind-of awkward, then he'll start to be really nice (one time, he gave my friend's lab a tennis ball... we joked that she was his girlfriend LOL)


  5. omg how cute! just warn George- Elle is Not shy, she will Molest his face! lol

    haha i know i cant wait to meet you and george too, it'll be fun!

  6. lol he'll be excited, he loves new dogs unless I pay more attention to them, then he'll get jealous and be dramatic lol

    I can't wait!