Saturday, March 5, 2011

She's Your Dog!

"She's so your dog, she doesn't even really like me."

HAHAHA, I bet your thinking, "Huh?".

Last night the hubby and I had probably one of he weirdest conversations ever. lol. Let me explain first...
So besides yesterdays excitement about the weave poles, Elle has been acting kind of depressed. Now I was still trying to figure out if its, one, because shes been in heat. Meaning she hasn't left the house, besides walks of course and playing in the drive way with us. Or, two, if she's jealous of the new kitty. Again, which means, she has to share her attention from her daddy with the cat.

Now this leads to our conversation.. My guess its not really her being in heat, but more the cat. So I have been extra lovie on my little Smelly Elle, to try and cheer her up. Nothings working. Last night it finally clicked in my head tho. It's not me she wants loving on her, but her daddy. lol.

Now it's no big secret in our house that Lilo is My dog. (we define this by thinking, If the dog was left with just one of us for a whole week alone, which one of us would they have more fun with?)(all that and the simple fact that No one in the whole world could handle Lilo lol) Lilo would no doubt want to be with me, hahahaha! But Elle has always been up for question. She would have fun with both of us, just cause that's the way she is, she loves to be doing things, but she also loves just laying on the couch with her daddy.

So Last night i came to the conclusion, that she's His dog. Sure she can have fun with the both of us, but who dose she strive to get affection from the most, who does she freak out for when they come home and who can make her butt wiggle(she don't have a tail to wag lol) with just saying "Hi"? When it was put that way, the answer was simple. Dustin, aka Daddy. 

The more I thought about it the more i realized, Elle doesn't even really like me(now that's not to say she don't Love me). She's a trooper and puts up with me, but I can tell, shes not a fan. lol. Lilo will lay with me for hours and let me love on her, cuddle, scratch and kiss on her. Elle is usually up and finding a new location within the first five minuets. lol Elle doesn't really get excited when i grab my keys to leave(shes more focus on herding Lilo, while shes the one freaking out lol), but Dustin just walks towards the keys and she already up and at the door spinning in circles.

Anyways I think you get the point. haha. I'm just bored, it's been raining all day. Flyball was canceled, and agility will probably be canceled tomorrow too. Blah.

And again no pics, sorry, its been a lazy day!


  1. awwwww,
    Lilo is def your dog ;)
    Elle is so sweet!
    aww this rain needs to come back later because now is not a good time. :)

  2. hahahh yes she deff is =P
    and oh yeah, you have no idea, shes a doll. lol

    OMG i so hate the rain at this point lol. =P
    Blah, im bored lol.