Monday, March 7, 2011

What A Day.

Today, was probably one of the best days I've had in while i think. There was a few moments that almost ruined it completely... But I think I bounced back pretty well. lol

So this morning my little sis and I when to the gym, had an amazing work out. We make a great too, she gets me to Go and I get her to Stay and do More lol. Then I wanted to get the dogs out, so we went to the baseball field we usually go to, and we were there for very long before we got yield at and told we can have the dogs inside the park. ugh. very annoying. now i have to find a New agility practicing place.

So sense the dogs were all worked up and excited about being out we went to the dog park, and of course there was a dog there that just HAD to mess with Lilo. Just would Not leave her lone, tryed jumping on her, nipping her, and then try ed to steal her frisbee... that was a no, no. Lilo snapped at the dog, the dog snapped at her and then it was on. lol. no one was hurt. But it is very frustrating, Lilo is by no means aggressive, but she is reactive, and protective, and easily annoyed. And she sure as hell ain't one to be shy to let you know when enough is enough!
I hate it tho, its so embarrassing for me, and people always look at me like I'm a bad person, or like I'm to blame..... maybe i am? i don't know.... i don't think so..... shes always been like that, it was just easier to manage and control when she was smaller.... i mean Lilo always feels like she has a Job to do, wither that job is chasing a frisbee or a ball or trying to stalk/ herd something, and if you get in between Lilo and her Job, she'll tell you off.....

She is actually VERY good at ignoring other dogs messing with her. But it always gets to that point when the other dog just wont get the hint that she don't want to play or anything to do with them, and they keep pushing her buttons. I totally understand where shes coming from tho. I would probably snap at someone annoying me too... It's kinda like when you have a little brother/sister, and they have there finger in your face saying "I'm not touching you!, I'm not touching you!..." over and over again. How long could you hold back from blowing a fuse? lol

After we dropped the dogs off at home we went for a nice, relaxing Tan at the tanning booth. I don't normally tan but my sis does, and she got a free week card for a guest, and gave it to me. It was a really nice place and so calming. Just what I needed after the park and dog park thing.

Then we went to Winco for dinner! We..... I mean. I made French Dip for dinner! OMG I make it best, trust me. You haven't had French Dip until you've had mine. =) Yeah it's That Good! lol.

Yawn....... Tired......... Good Day..........Night!


  1. 1. That's not your fault, I would have nipped at that annoying dog too( you go Lilo! :)) - I mean, if I was a dog.

    2. don't feel the blame, they're just being jerks- so it's all good haha

    3. YAY WINCO! ahaha that sounds gooooooood!

  2. hahahaha thanks Nicole! =) I'm glad you dont think its my fault. lol. the husband keeps telling me its cuz i dont "work" with her enough, or "scocialize" her enough... ugh.
    sense we're counting here lmao.
    1. i work with her plenty
    2. she dont like to socialize. lol. she's not that "Let's play" type of dog, lol i mean she will sometimes, but its VERY RARE. lol.

    anyways, thank you, that makes me feel a whole lot better =)

  3. pshhh screw them she's great
    it's just like people have personalities, dogs do to, they can't be exactly the way you want them.