Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full Speed Ahead...

Same story, Rain, Rain, Rain...

Nothing new, just been working, and praying for sun shine and heat. Back to work tomorrow morning, ugh.
I think Lilo's loseing it, being in the house for so long...I know I am lol. (Shes dragging herself accross the living room floor on her belly right now lol, and rolling around, growling and making some weird noises lol shes so silly)

I getting kind of conserened with her chewing on herself latley. Shes starting to bite her hair off. At first I thought it was her food allergies acting up, so we changed her food again, then it got a little better (less bitting) then when we got steve(cat) she started again, I know it's from the damn fleas he brought into the house (ugh FML) and of course Lilo is also allergict to flea. Even with her weekly flea baths, and monthly flea treatments shes still scratching and bitting. Steves not old enough for flea dips and meds yet, ugh. 

Now it's to the point where her hair is thinning out and shes breaking her hair. She's usually jet black, but now on her back legs and where her back legs meet her body, the hair is more tanish(her under coat), thin, and course. Ugh! Im kinda worried it might be something elts. But right now we can't afford to take her to the vet, shit our phones got shut off lol. and my mom baught us food. lol. blah. Life..... is soooooo Hard!!!

I dont know what to do now, just wait and keep and eye on her I guess..... Well that's it for now, i need to go to bed, work bright and early.
I'll figure something out with Lilo I'm sure...... I always do.... =)

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  1. life is hard. I know how you feel, feel better and just for the sake of saying it....

    btw, I love the photos.