Saturday, March 5, 2011


How was your day?

Well, I sure hope it was half as good as mine. =) Today, started out very depressing and boring, the sun was out, not super windy at all, just a Slight chill in the air, but over all the weather today was... nice. I Really wanted to get out of this damn house and do some agility with the dogs. I couldn't find anyone to join me (I don't have a yard, so i have to go to a baseball Field down the road. It gets lonesome by myself). So I almost gave up on the idea all together and figured id just practice some in my drive way. The hubby cheered me up and said he'd go with me YAY! but when we get there the kids baseball team was already there.... POOOO! So back to plan "B"; Drive way...

It actually wasn't bad, Elle impressed me so much today!!! I am so proud of her! She was excited to do it, and was actually doing what i asked of her (that alone made my day!).
Then I got Lilo out there and, WOW, she's improving sooo much on her weaves. I'm loving my new steel base weaves more and more every time we practice with them. The 24'' spacing has dramatically helped her out. She's Faster, has Less Pop outs and her entrance is spot on almost every time now! And I've noticed she is no longer frustrated about weaving. With the old weaves she would bark the whole time, not really be excited about going threw them(but i could tell she wanted to so badly, just to please me), i had to directer her to the entrance a few times, EVERY time before she'd go threw them. Now she's really enjoying the weaves, going threw them without me even asking lol. while i was setting them up she was warming herself up (i so love my lilo face =).) Her start line wait is also improving. I have been doing small exercises in and out of the house every day with her and its really making a difference!

So I think it would be safe to say "Best Day Ever!"..... so far.... ;)

April 16th(i think that's right) Lilo and I are going to a Fun Match in Sacramento at WAG! I'm so excited! Even better we're going to meet Nicole and her handsome pup George there. =)) 
We're only planning on entering the Novice Jumpers, Lilo will do good with just that. She still has never been on Contacts, so I'm not going to push her in any way. I think she'll do good, it' going to be an awesome experience for the both of us. I just can't freaking wait!!!! YAY!  

I think that it for now. =)

check out the video from today too!!!!!

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