Sunday, February 27, 2011

Agility, Weaves, and Everythng in between

so yesterday i finally made my steel base weave poles (video on our YouTube) and i am sooooo pleased with how they turned out. We made two set of 6 poles. so i now have a set of 12 steel base weaves =)).

ya there awesome!

On a similar note, today we had agility practice. Once again Lilo never stops amazing me. She did an awesome job, if she did mess up ( like in the first hour of our three hour class) it was ALL my fault. But today was amazing for myself aswell, i got sooooo much help on my handling, and im realy starting to get the hang of it. And realy starting to understand everything.

The one thing ive been noticing , especially with the youtube world, that everyone is so ready to jump and help you and share there info on training the dog to do the equipment, but no one (minus a SMALL few) has ever jump to the oppertunity to help or give advice on handling. And to me training Lilo on the equipment is the easiest part. She's smart, she knows what i want, and she picks it all up very fast(even our agility trainer says all that EVERY time we have practice, shes so amazed at how fast she picks it all up). The hardest part to me is the handeling. I have researched, so many times, and have never found anything helpful, that i can understand at least, on learning how to handle correctly. It's hard, really it is. Esspecially when you are learning and training all on your own. Im so thankful for my trainer, she has been so helpful and i feel i am learning fast and just taking it all in. =)

enough of me babbleing. heres some more cute pics i though you'd enjoy. =)
also, go watch the video of the weaves, and watch tell the end, there a very cute... well.... three very cute surprises haveing fun in the very end of the video =)

this is what elle thinks of me
waking her up from a nap
with an annoying camera flash

oh stevie, you are just so cute

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