Thursday, June 9, 2011


So tonights class went very well, minus one scuffle... Lilo's a naughty B**** lol. ops.

any ways I think this was out 3rd, maybe 4th class, and were already on a plank, working 2o2o!!! fast! lol
anyways Lilo's picking up her Right and Left on the jumps, she has her out touch and stay... she can walk the ladder and touch her target..... but...... she's a "spinner"... yeah, i guess theres a word for it.

Once she gets to her target at the end of the plank or the ladder (supposed to be a 2o2o) she likes to turn, or spin to the side to face me.... blah, usually im top star in class... lol ... uhhhhh not today! lol its ok tho, she says another dog (in our weekend practices) usto spin too... it'll just take me a tad bit longer to break that lol... other then that, her stays are killer. i was kinda embarrassed, I got to class early before anyone els, and Lyn wasnt outside, so i worked on her out touch and stay. While in her stay I run around her all crazy, back and fourth, around her, and even jumped over her a few time =P and she stayed, good girl, but after class Lyn was saying how good her stay was... I was all huh?, she said she was watching me through the window. lol.... made me laugh and blush a bit. lol... i dont know why... lol

anyways its late im beat. long day, went rollerblading this morning then spent a few hours at the lake... im beat, dogs are beat... and tomorrow.... all day at the lake.... i'll probly cut it short for me tho, Lyn lent me her guide wires and i REALLY want to test em out =) no more popping weaves! lol yay.

Tell Next Time....

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