Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Spent the day at the lake with my sis, and best girl Jennica and her sister Chante! 
Of course all the dogs came....
Lilo, Elle, Megan, Dot, Sweet Pee and Mob!!! yes a LOT of damn dogs! =)

any how... pics!!!!
Me and Haylee Rockin out on our way...
Jennica on the left, me and Chante on the right.
eekkk, my Butt is Crack-a-lackin! lmfao!
me, jennica and chante
Chante, and Jennica. me in the back
me and Haylee...

And tomorrow.... me haylee and chante are going roller blading with the dogs. then i have class with lilo =)

Tell Next Time!


  1. YAY agility :)
    gorgeous photos!!! looks like you had funnn!!!!!!

  2. i know im so excited, im about to head out to class here in a bit! Lilo is soooo pooped out too, we took both girls rollerblading today, then back to the lake for a cool down, =)

    and yes it was a blast! ganna miss all my girls when i leave =( lol but thats ok, =) lol