Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Control Unleashed

so my book finally came. I freaking Love it already! I'm a slow reader, so i have only gotten to the 3rd Chapter, but i also took many breaks in between. =). 

Our camping trip last night went well... for the most part.
Elle hurt her pads pretty badly when we first go there, she just hauls ass to catch Lilo. poor girl spent the rest of the trip limpin around. You could tell it was very painful. but she'll be ok =)

My friend Chante and I spend most of our time laying out, playing with our Cameras. We actually learned new things about them, very cool. (Note, only one pic thats edited, and its prob not the one you think) =)...

Also notice my new water mark =)... yup i finally figured out how to do the water mark with a picture instead of just my name =))...

So Dustin and I also dissided that I'm not going to go to the school at AI, they don't offer what i TRULY want to do anyways, so why waste all my money. Graphic Design is fun and all, and i do enjoy doing it, but its also something that gets boring to me fairly quick. I would Love to go for photography. That's what i Really want to do. (what i've ALWAYS wanted to do sense i was little)

But with all the recent things I have been doing as well, I want to get more into the training world. I dont know about profetionally, but I deff want to be involved. So I've gone to the Haven Humane and helped there, I'm going back to take a class with them, so i can walk the dogs and take them to the yard to play. =)
fun stuff.

anyways im rambling on and on, i have to head out to work. =)

oh and heres a little buddy we made while camping, we found him in my friends purse lol
(baby rattle snake!)

Tell Next Time.....


  1. you ARE a great photographer and you have a wonderful portfolio already!!
    Now all you need to do is get known and pull in some big bucks. If I were you, I'd make a t-shirt or jacket or something (with your name & website or phone number on it) and go to some dog sport event (or any event really)and take some photos and people will come up and ask you about them.

    I think it's a good idea...
    anyways, gorgeous photos (: and your watermark is really pretty!
    hah hello friend!

  2. lol thank you nicole =)

    my mom tells me that All the time =P but i want to learn the camera inside out first, im and info nut, i want to learn all the setting and junk first lol =P

    but a website is a great idea! i need to take more pics of other people and other dogs besides my own probly first =P hahahhahaha...

    and hello there to you too friend, long time no talk huh lol <3