Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer... =)

so today we had class, nothing too exciting, just stuff we already know, jump, multiple straight jumps, right and left jump turns. walk it, touch it, wait. on the dog walk board layed flat.... lilo was surprisingly clam today, maybe cuz im sooo tired and pretty calm myself. weird. hummm....

anyways all in all good class =) we're getting close to class almost being over though... sad face... but that means next step up! =) that much closer to learning even more....

i also ordered a book from clean run today, suggested by a few people in class, and Lyn aswell. "Control Unleashed" should be here no later then monday. im excited! then next month we might be ordering "Crate Games" by Susan Garrett...

im all for getting lilo under control, im determined and inspired to figure this whole thing out. Lilo will also be attending doggy day camp with Lyn hopefully next week. She wants to see lilo in action... See if its me thats the problem (as in resource guarding me) or if its a learned and practiced behavior... Either way im excited.

If i had to take a guess, i'd say its a little bit of both, lol. She's a bitch that dont like to share her momma, and her momma never really knows how to properly correct her when she does it lol.... we'll see.

anyways i have work tomorrow so im off to bed, im so out of it. i get off JUST IN TIME to watch the last susan garrett web thing. =) hopfully i wont miss much on my way home, and hopefully i get off in time lol

Tell Next Time.....


  1. hehehe you can do it!!!!!!!
    I'm so excited for you guys :) :) Lilo is amazing!
    and I'm video taping the Susan Garrett thing so we can watch it later, or if you missed anything, (it'll be on dances with waves :))

  2. hahaha, nice i got home from work and just finished watching it =) but i will probly go to you page to refer back to it! =)

    and thank you, my book should be here tomorrow or saturday, i paid a bit extra for priority mail =))

    and thank you again =)