Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fun Day,... but some bad news

So tonight we went to an event they hold every summer all summer. Every friday night they hold a live band, food, venders and such at our local park in Shasta Lake, called, Friday Night At The Park (original huh? lol)

anyways went and had a blast with my girls, Erin, Jeni, Sarah and Rachel. we had some beers, and lots of laughs. Awekward momment though.... seen my ex. ick. he mades me sick to say the least. But i got a kick outa it cuz he seems STUNNED to see me lol (i seen him from accross the park) it was funny, he kept looking over as he was walking, then i seen his jaw drop lol. then i ran into his mom (who loves me btw) and talked, i guess they all thought i was in Hawaii still. funny stuff.

anyways, i didnt bring my camera, cuz i knew if i did i wouldn't have been social lol. but my friend got a few with her point n shot cam... will be up soon....

Bad news.... well were not going to Sacramento for school now, they have been dicking us around to say the least. and we also found out some stuff on the news, about how the school lies to people and especially people with the GI bill (which my hubby has) just to get there money. so now were not going. mixed emotions, sad and happy all in one. (sorry Nicole, =( but we can still do ring rentals some time!)

anyhow im sooo tired, its been a SUPER long day, i have lots more to say about today and Lilo, but will have to wait tell tomorrow, im off to bed. I got home way later then i thought, due to i had to sit out my beer before driving and i had to drop people off, then store, now finally home....

so yeah Night!


  1. aww, it's okay- ring rentals & when I get my license I'll drive up :))
    ohh also- next year's AKC Nationals are in RENO
    so I think we should drive over and hang out there hehe, I'm looking forward to meeting a bunch of agility peoples there................. it's not TOO far

  2. deff, sounds like a plan. we're looking into finding a new house too. cuz i want a yard =)

    we're also looking into maybe buying a house with land next year if we can get some bills paid off :D. fingers crossed, ive been looking at quite a few houses for sale in the Shingletown area (we have lots of family there)so if all goes to plan we'll deff have room for you and george to come stay with us =) or even if you wanted to come down for a weekend some time next year you can join me in practice at my trainers house =)

  3. AWESOME!!!!
    That would be so awesome! as soon as I get my license, I'll be up there!!!!!!!!
    That would be AMAZING!!!!
    ahh you are so sweet, thank you x a million!!!!!!!!