Sunday, May 29, 2011


So yeah, Ive been crazy busy with work. Although I don't mind cuz I love working at the water park, its sooo much fun, brings back a lot of memories. some good, some kinda sad (not ganna get into all that nonsense lol, too tired lol )

anyways i was just saying Hey, I'm still around. lol, haven't had time to do Any agility, barley even doing our homework for class, ugh...  but i'll figure out how to manage my time soon enough. =) and we'll be back on track, promise.... im just praying that we find a place in Sac with a big yard, it'll be soooo much easier to practice if i had a yard... i mean your only posto practice for short amounts of time, and when you have to drive 15 or more mins away to practice for only 15 mins at the most, it gets tiresome and so annoying... if i had my own yard i could do it right then when i feel like doing it and not have to worry about loading up the truck, getting enough water, making sure i have gas and all that stuff that in its self takes about a half hour.... ugh... but soon enough i hopefully will =-) fingers crossed!

anyways, im sooooo freaking tired, work Again in the A.M.... all week infact. Friday is my only day off, so maybe get some agility in then... we'll see, i might op out for a relaxing day at the lake with the dogs and kayaks lol..... hummmm.... choices choices... lol


Tell Next Time.....


  1. YAY for moving to SAC!!! :D
    oh the website is
    I know what you mean about having no time & driving to practice agility... when you move down here you're welcome any time! (well you are now too...:)

  2. lol thank you. and omg i dont have to work today, the weathers kinda crappy again, so it's ganna be too slow so they said i dont have to come it. yay. relaxing at home now just fed my girls breakfast... thinking maybe a bit later today if the rain holds out i may go do some run with lilo... or just work on our homework =) and yay i know i can't wait, im ganna be sad to leave here but im more excited then anything! lol if we do happen to find a house with a big yard your welcome to come practice with us too, Anytime! lol.