Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just Thinking

Today has been a really amazing day. Full of agility practice at my trainer, Lyn's place, and then after that our make up class(due to medical issuse she had to cancel our class on wends)...

But after a long day, that left me sun burnt and Lilo and I both happily tired, I was thinking how much fun agility is... but it's not everything. For our practice this morning, I wasn't all that into it (its been a LONG work week, so im tired and beat down to the bone) and so that in tern made Lilo not that into it(Not to mention we haven't even seen equipment in 2 weeks, cuz of rain and me working). But even though I wasn't into it today, that doesn't mean I didn't have fun. I had a BLAST! Lyn was irragatating her property so most of the feild was flooded (the other half that we were working on of course wasn't)  but it was a blast, my shoes got SOAKED. Lilo and I spent a lot of time running around in it, splashing eachother and all that fun. =). (Lilo was Liturly splashing me, lol she was circles around and she made sure she got RIGHT next to me at full speed. lol )

Then we had class after a good break and lots of fun in the water. Lilo did awesome with our homework, and Lyn had us be first to try the wobble board and the ladder. Lilo did great. Everyone is always so impressed =-). Even me! lol...

On my drive home I was thinking, 'Gosh, what a great day!' but the more i thought about it the more I feel that what made it great wasn't just the agility asspect of it. It was all the fun we had, just running, and playing. I LOVE seeing my dogs just being dogs. Our two week break from agility (not includeing our homework) was good, even though Lilo totally BOMBED her weaves today, and was all over the place, it doesn't bother me. As long as she's having fun, I'm having fun.

I'm going to chalk my thoughts up to me just being tired and over worked, and sooo needing a break. But at the same time I do believe agility isn't Everything, it's just Part of something. I mean I love agility, no doubt about that, and so does Lilo, but I love just having my dogs be dogs more lol.

On another note, Lyn let me barrow her Buja Board and a ladder to work with Lilo and Elle. the buja board is simple to make so if i can get one made this week i so will, i have to have it back to her by next class, the ladder i get to keep for a bit longer...

anyways sorry no pics, maybe tomorrow i'll update this with pics of the board or something... Im planning on taking the dogs to the lake to swim so i'll try and get some pics of my dogs being dogs. lol =)

Tell Next Time....


  1. did I mention how much I LOVEE your background?
    YAY AWESOME!!!!!
    sounds like the best day everrrrr!!!!!!!
    I want to take agility classes sooooo badly!

  2. lol thank you, i thought it turned out pretty good too lol .

    and yes today was a blast, lilos runs were SO bad tho lol, but it was fun for sure =-)

    and i know ive waited sooo long to take classes, im hoping she'll let me still skip the 2nd round of classes and go straight to advanced after these classes are over, other wise im going to have to take classes in Sac at WAG, which would be fine, but i'd rather spend that money on ring rentals and new equipment lol. i can't wait to go to Sac. about 2.5-3 months and we'll be there!!! =-)) yay, and ive been looking at houses to get an idea of places with yards and so far its looking good! i have a feeling you and i will be hanging out a lot lol, im so excited to have someone to actually practice with, someone who actually knows what there doing and can correct me when i make a mistake with handling lol. George, Lilo and hopefully Elle will be pros by next summer just in time for trials im sure! =-))