Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer is almost here!!

Bring On The Sun Shine!

or Not....

I don't know what happend, it was warming up, sun was shinning, and then..... Rain, cold, thunder, lightning, and wind... Burrrrr.....

So I've been pretty busy, Work, Class, Friends, Family and enjoying the sun shine while it lasted.

Lilo and I finaly start agility fundimental class two weeks ago. Tomorrow will be week 3 (or class 3). So far it's slow and steady, Lilo don't really like all the dogs in the class however. lol. not realy surpriseing. First class she tried to get at all of em. Then after class we let Lilo and some realy nice older ladys dog (i cant remember either or there names, but i realy love this old lady, shes so sweet and so is her BC) off leash and I was amazed, Lilo actually PLAYED..... im ganna say that again.... P.L.A.Y.E.D!!! with this dog, like full on played. Running, chasing eachother, play bows, little playful nips and wrestleing a bit.... It was amazing, I was soooo happy...

 Then we tryed to let Lilo and this other Smoothie BC play and of course it was a fight, but I must say it was NOT Lilos fault, (even tho Lilo was the one that made the move first) This dog has the same issues as Lilo, he has no idea how to approach, interact, play, or introduce himself to new dogs. He was stiff, went face to face with Lilo, staring her down, then I was throwing the ball to distract her form going for him and he then tried to herd her the way Elle does (which is in an annoying, jumping on your back and biting your neck kinda thing)... Well Elle gets away with it cuz thats Lilo's lil sis, She had no patience for this pup though. lol
Our second week of class was the same, but better, she didn't try to kill all the dogs this time. =) But due to the fact it was getting dark and I hate driving at night I didn't stay to let her play after class...
I wish this rain would just go away already, I want to take the dogs swimming! We went to the lake with my friend Erin and her dogy Lil' Girl, whos NOT little at ALL. lol. Shes a horse really. lol. Mother was a pure bred Pit and Father was a pure bred Husky.... can you tell who she takes after? lol, ya... and her personality is all Husky too. VERY STUBORN! lol but shes so pretty...

Let's see what elts is new?.... Not a whole lot really, been working a lot, cant wait for water works to open up. I love my job there, it's never a duel moment lol.... My little sister Graduated High school early!!! yay! Gooooo Haylee!!! So as soon as this rain goes away and the sun comes out, im taking her to do some graduation photos for her, She's really excited! =) Can't wait to watch her walk the stage!

so yeah that's it for new about me..... but i have more pics!

Also this weekend was pretty busy, Friday-Dress Rehursal, Saturday-Weddin'! lol My brother in law got married this weekend, It was awesome. Dustin got SMASHED lol, I refrained myself from getting Shitty Drunk like him and his other brother did. lol. But I did have an awesome buzz going for awhile.
The Bride Was STUNNING
They looked so Great, there so perfect for eachother! And I love all the pics I got! lol

Okay, thats it for now. ....

Tell Next Time...


    this weather... insane!
    ahhh crazyness. It's MAY! last year I was wearing shortshorts and George's fur was cut because it was sooooo hot...... weirdddd
    ahh good to know you're having fun :)
    did I mention your photos are AMAZING?!
    (oh to reply to your comment- I haven't gotten to my blog yet xD- I have a Nikon D3100 but on occasion shoot with a Cannon Rebel T1i (I think) it's a school camera but sometimes I get to use it. I love cannon lens manual focus but I LOVE Nikon bodies (that sounds weird.).... so I'm all mixed up hahaha)

  2. hahahhahahha i know me too, i miss my shorts. but today was killer nice! was posto have class but she rescheduled it tell saturday after practice lol cuz shes getting a colonoscaphy (i know i so spelt that wrong lol)... but thats okay got my house cleaned and worked with the dogs on our "homework" Lilos distance witht he target lid is AMAZING, i'll get video of it soon promise =) lol, and elle is a dork, she got so excited when i rewareded her she started bouncing around and chocked on her treat and threw up, it was pretty funny actually. lol. she looked so confused lol...

    and Nice i LOVE Canons, i used to be a Nikon freak but my new cam totally converted me lol
    and thank you, your pictures you take are amazing too, i always love the ones of George, he's so handsome...=-)