Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun Day At The Lake

“Learn to appreciate the things you have before time makes you appreciate the things you had.”
Photo OVER LOAD!!!
Well, Elle went swimming today! She is soooo awkward to watch. She swims like a frog, lol she kicks both her back feet at the same time. =P
Photo of the day... Lilo is so purdy, i love this damn dog! <3 lol
The face of a REALLY intense and pleasure filled scratch...
The face of Satisfaction lol.
Lilo enjoying the view.
Lilo yelling at me. lol
Run away ear...
Yup, that's about all we did today. =)
Oh, and there's this cat that has been hanging out for the past week or two, and today I finally got a good look at her, and it looks like she's prego. So I put some of Steve's food outside for her, and as soon as I came inside she went sprinting for it and gobbled it up =). 
Then she was gone. Until the hubby went to the store and when he came back he seen her curdled up in our garage. Of course she bolted when he pulled in. So we took the hard kennel, a blanket, food and water outside and put it in the garage for her. Hopefully she'll sleep there and be comfy!
At first I thought Dustin might be a bit upset at another mouth to feed, but after we fixed up the kennel and came inside, he got excited and said "So now what are we going to name the kitty? It has to be something hella cool!" hahahaha 
My BFF Erin is also excited because if she is prego, she wants a kitty! AND my mom said she wants a kitty too. She wants a kitty that will play with her yorkies like Steve plays with Elle. =) All very exciting. Now if i can only get the kitty to come up to me so I can check her over.... =)

Tell Next Time...


  1. I love that header on your blog!!!! you are such a great photographer!!! the dogs looked like they had a blast!!!!!!!
    lovee the kitty!

  2. lol thank you, im in love with that pic... i love her face.. i have puppy pics and pics of her at one with the same face lol. shes so funny.

    and thank you, your an amazing photographer yourself, i miss your pictures... but summer... i know you'll have plenty of time to click away! i can't wait! =) lol

  3. awwww!
    hehe awwww thanks, I'm not that good but..I got some new photos up, not of George sadly but I was learning my settings better lol some of them look cool

    YOU are an AMAZING photographer!!!!

  4. thank you, i still have a lot to learn about taking pics.. lol and i know i seen your pics i thought they were the shiz nezz lol (sorry i said it once at work today and its been stuck in my head all day, so had to say it) lol.